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It can be the ultimate test of patience to find a jewelry store that offers not only the finest selection of GIA certified diamonds and ethically sourced gemstone jewelry but is also a store you can trust. For Fifth Avenue Designs in Denver, CO, the goal of being a comprehensive jeweler has been achieved. Since our 1940s opening in the heart of the Diamond District of New York City, to the opening our Denver location 21 years ago we have never lost sight of the vision to become a premier supplier of luxury pieces of jewelry.  From designer pieces, unique custom designs to inhouse repairs, Larry and his expert Gemologist staff can assist you with your jewelry needs.

Some of Our Designers
An important component to our business model is to provide a selection of jewelry from the top designers in the industry or to create a custom work of art. So, We offer pieces from designers like Simon G, Beverley K, Chris Ploof, Gabriel & Co, House of Baguettes, Doves and Freida Rothman that are truly a paragon of thoughtful design.

Our Jewelry and Gems
To ensure our customers have access to every type of jewelry someone would want, we provide a complete line of different jewelry types. From studded and dangling earrings to fashion rings and pendants to bracelets and necklaces, we offer an unmatched selection of uniquely luxurious pieces at unbelievable prices.  Larry brings his third-generation jewelry knowledge to each piece created by our store. At Fifth Avenue Designs, we offer the full spectrum of the finest gems and certified diamonds. From classically cut diamond jewelry to jewels in every rich hue of the rainbow, our store can provide it all.

Do stop by our store and see why we count ourselves among Denver’s top jewelry retailers.